I first worked with Simon several years ago, a calm composed pastry chef with the talent and composure to rival anyone in his field. A balance of creativity and good man management shows Simon to be a strong forward thinking pastry chef who demonstrates keen ambition as part of the bright future for Patisserie in this country. I would gladly work with Simon again.

Marcus Wareing, Restaurateur

Simon’s depth of knowledge, creativity and flair firmly puts him as an industry leader in his craft.  His ability to seamlessly create a pastry brand that suits any level leaves him peerless in the UK- A one off when it comes to pastry.

John Campbell, 2* Michelin chef

I first had the opportunity to meet Simon in 2007 when he was Pastry chef at L’Ortolan. What I could clearly see was a world class professional who had a strong eye for detail.

What also stood out to me was Simon’s confident and calm approach. I have tasted a full range of Simon’s Pastry, Desserts, Friandes, Chocolates and Petit Fours and it rates with me as some of the very best that I have tasted in my years of working as a pastry Chef in 12 different countries.

At the moment I would consider Simon Jenkins to be top of my list for Best Pastry Chef. This accolade is not given lightly. I am sure to expect bigger and greater heights to be achieved by Simon Jenkins in the years ahead.

Bill McCarrick, Executive Pastry Chef

With Simon’s help we were able to maintain the high standard of production that we strive for.
I was impressed by his management skills and so was the team.
With his knowledge Simon quickly improved production methods.
I cannot wait to work alongside such a great professional and individual in the future.

Romain Lacaille, General Manager, MARC Patisserie & Bakery

Simon worked with Beyond Bread for a 3-month development period. We had an agreed agenda, which we prioritised and worked through with weekly test baking and tastings. We had a very productive time working with together, his depth of knowledge made our time together both successful and enjoyable.

Along-side developing Simon also worked with the bakery team, going through recipes and perfecting methods, resulting in complete costed individual and batch recipes. We did expand on the initial product development list, Simons contributions were also taken on board to further develop and diversify the range, his considerable experience made the process well managed and rewarding.Simon took old recipes, helped realise and bring them to life with the team, he also added touches of finesse with his ideas to the finished items.
I can recommend working with this talented professional and would wish him the very best with his future endeavours.

Elena Golubovich, Owner and founder Beyond bread gluten free bakery

I had the opportunity to work with Simon at Coworth Park in 2011.

It was an outstanding time for me where I learned so much about the art of Pastry thanks to Simon.
As the years went by and I joined different companies, I rarely came across somebody with Simon’s knowledge and expertise. He is not only an amazing Pastry Chef, but also an incredible kitchen manager.
I asked Simon to join me as a consultant at The Bloomsbury Hotel to help me develop a complex food and beverage project, needless to say he succeeded expectations.

I look forward to working with Simon again as I believe he is one of the best Pastry Chefs in the world as well as being a very dedicated, disciplined and approachable individual.

Daniele Capobianco, Food and Beverage Manager, The Bloomsbury